Online Course "Essential Training for New Managers"

Acquire useful strategies, models, and templates to confidently overcome any managerial challenge and avoid feelings of self-doubt in your new role.


Have your technical skills, project management proficiency, and steadfast dedication recently earned you a promotion to a managerial position? Now is the time to ensure you have the key leadership skills for these new duties.

Arm yourself with the crucial capabilities and understanding to excel and transform into an outstanding manager in your new position.


Dmytro Savchenko is the VP of Engineering at Kinesso, a top AdTech company. With over 18 years in the tech industry, Dmytro has a wealth of experience that started when he earned his Master of Computer Engineering degree. He began his career as a software engineer, using his coding skills to tackle tech challenges head-on. As he progressed, Dmytro took on the leadership role, focusing on driving teams and ensuring effective communication. His leadership skills, combined with his technical know-how, have been key to his success in the industry. Outside of his work at Kinesso, Dmytro hosts the Thoughtful Edge Podcast about technology, leadership, and innovation. The podcast is a platform that connects tech professionals, diving deep into the world of leadership and personal development. Outside of work, Dmytro enjoys running, skiing, and exploring the field of psychology. For professionals transitioning into managerial roles, Dmytro's course offers a unique blend of his technical expertise and leadership experience, making it a valuable resource for those eager to excel in their new positions.

Target Audience

  • Professionals have recently been promoted from individual contributor roles to managerial positions in Tech.
  • Aspiring individuals proficient in their individual contributor roles and considering a transition to managerial positions in Tech.


Donation to the Ukrainian Charity Fund - KOLO or Angry Corgi. Any appropriate amount starting from $20 is acceptable.


Course Content

  • Chapter 1
    • About The Course
      1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2
    • Understanding Your New Role
      1. The transition from Individual Contributor to Manager
      2. The Role of a Manager
      3. The Expectations for a Manager
      4. Summary
      5. Quiz
  • Chapter 3
    • Excelling in Leadership Communication
      1. Conducting effective one-on-one meetings
      2. Delivering valuable critique and feedback
      3. Establishing a trust-based relationship with your team
      4. Navigating unforeseen circumstances.
      5. Summary
      6. Quiz
  • Chapter 4
    • Fostering Team Progress and Advancement
      1. Mastering the skill of task delegation
      2. Preventing the pitfalls of micromanagement
      3. Guiding and nurturing your team members
      4. Selecting the appropriate personnel to carry out tasks efficiently
      5. Summary
      6. Quiz
  • Chapter 5
    • Balancing Upward Management with Team Leadership
      1. Conveying your team's accomplishments (and difficulties) to higher-ups and other departments.
      2. Summary
  • Chapter 6
    • Summary
      1. Conclusion
      2. Quiz

Taking the course

Slack channel is available for any kind of questions or support during the learning.

Dmytro Savchenko

VP of Applciation Enginnering at Kinesso
Host of the "Thoughtful Edge Podcast"